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Are you looking for an office fit out in Berkshire?

High Quality Office Fit Out Berkshire

P.Quinn Ceilings & Partitions offer high quality office fit outs in Berkshire and throughout the surrounding areas. Regardless of whether you are renovating or moving, we offer an ideal solution for your office fit-out requirements. From the first design idea to the full installation process, we are Berkshires leading office fit-out experts. We’ve been structuring and conveying excellent office fit-outs for many years; changing the way that many individuals work.

When taking out a big project like an Office Fit Out in Berkshire, It is important you seek out a professional like P Quinn. Our experienced team of designers can deliver a high-quality fit-out service, that meets your budgets and business needs. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your new office, is completed within your time frame. Here at P Quinn, we are one of Berkshires leading Office Fit Out experts within the industry, ensuring your office is designed to be a foundation that delivers success.

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We also specialise in a range of other services such as dry lining, partitioning, suspended ceilings, carpentry and more!

Office Fit Out Berkshire

Dry Lining and Partitioning

Dry lining is the application of plasterboard or other sheet materials to surfaces such as walls, or wooden and metal frames. Dry lining is a fast and effective way to create practical surfaces and partion walls within your working space. The end result is a clean, smooth, consistent surface which can easily be decorated. We use only the best dry lining systems from leading manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge.

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are a typical component in numerous homes and business structures. A suspended ceiling comprises of boards upheld by a lightweight framework that is suspended from a higher ceiling’s component like wood, metal or brickwork. The hanging framework and boards at fall at the desired height to create a ‘false’, suspended ceiling. The boards themselves can be produced using an assortment of substances including wood, metal, composite materials and are available in a huge selection of colours and sizes to suit each need.

Office Fit Out Berkshire
Office Fit Out Berkshire

SAS Ceilings

SAS ceilings are ideally suited to interiors requiring frequent cleaning and an economical solution. The Clip-in systems allow for upward cleaning pressure without dislodging or displacing tiles. If required, voids can be secured through the use of a simple clip mechanism. Hospital and food preparation areas are ideal examples of appropriate environments; however, the system is suitable for numerous applications.

Ecophon Ceilings

Ecophon offers acoustic ceilings and wall panels that will help you create the best possible room acoustics for most types of indoor environments. We regularly supply and fit Ecophon ceilings and wall panels to improve the sound quality in individual rooms or across large open workspaces.

Acoustic Ceilings

Noise problems can be a big issue for your work space or your home life. Acoustic ceiling panels are used to improve the quality of sound as well as reduce noise pollution within homes and commercial buildings. They can be used in commercial spaces such as lecture theatres, boardrooms or entertainment venues, in residential spaces such as music rooms or living spaces. We regularly use specialist acoustic ceilings from leading providers such as Ecophon and Armstrong to improve the sound quality in individual rooms or across large open work spaces. We use ceiling on the natural performance of gypsum and stone wool, our Gyptone, Rigitone and Gyprex ceilings offer the highest levels of acoustic, fire and moisture resistant performance for the most demanding ceiling projects.

Fire Rated Ceiling Systems

Fire-rated ceiling system is an important consideration for every ceiling system – no matter how simple or complex. Our fire-resistant ceiling tiles are engineered to meet most industry standards. Our fire-resistant ceiling tiles from a broad range of looks and acoustic options to meet your design and functional requirements. We regularly use specialist material and best material to create your fire rated ceiling. For our range of plasterboard systems fixed to timber joist/bottom chord of trusses to meet 30 or 60-minute fire resistance. Contact us on how can we help you to achieve your fire-rated Ceiling system. 

Hygienic Tiled Ceilings

Hygienic ceiling tiles deliver a combination of superior durability to withstand washing and scrubbing along with resistance to bacteria. The control of bio-contamination is essential in the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals and clinics.We regularly use specialist material and best material to create your hygienic tiled ceilings.


We supply and install all types of carpentry including doors, frames, skirting, flooring and kitchens. Our prices are highly competing and we provide the best service for the best price. Call us today to find how can we help you.

Glazed Partitions

We divide spaces by installing glazed glass. These walls are as elegant and are inexpensive. The design is completely free of uprights and creates an impression of airiness and spaciousness. The silicone-joined panels create outstandingly smooth lines. The Glazed partition walls meet the most exacting building regulations, even without vertical uprights – and are impressive on all counts.

Office Refurbishments

We undertake all office refurbishment, small installations and repairs for all commercial properties, hospitals, healthcare centres, schools, colleges and retail outlets. Our high standards in craftsmanship and attention to detail has enabled us to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients in all commercial sectors.

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